TNSET Answer Key 2018 Set Wise Key Tamil Nadu SLET Solutions Cut off Marks

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TNSET Answer Key 2018 Set Wise Key Tamil Nadu SLET Solutions Cut off Marks. Mother Teresa Women’s University has recently Conducted the Tamil Nadu State Eligibility Test(TNSET) at various centers of Tamil Nadu state. Large number of competitors has attend the TNSET exam successfully at different centers of Tamil Nadu. Now they are looking for the TNSET 2018 Answer key. Mother Teresa Women’s University has recently released the Notification for Tamil Nadu State Eligibility Test(TNSET). Huge competitors are applied for this Tamil Nadu State Eligibility Test(TNSET) through online mode before the last date. Tamil Nadu State Eligibility Test(TNSET) written exam is held on 04 Mar 2018 at various centers of Tamil Nadu State. A large number of job seekers appeared for this Tamil Nadu State Eligibility Test(TNSET) exam successfully. Now the Mother Teresa Women’s University has planned to release the TNSET answer sheet 2018  1 or 2 days after the exam. The candidates who are applied and appeared in Tamil Nadu State Eligibility Test(TNSET) exam on 04 Mar 2018 they may check their TNSET answer sheet through an official website. The information about Tamil Nadu State Eligibility Test(TNSET) answer sheet 2018, Results, Merit List, Cut Off Marks, selection process and interview date candidates may check in official website or also our webpage

TNSET answer sheet 2018 Download Mother Teresa Women’s University has released the TNSET 2018 Answer Key 2018 at their official website.TNSET Answer sheet will be released in set wise like set 1,2 3 or Set A, B, C. The candidates can download the TNSET answer sheet with respect to their set and analyses your answers. TNSET Answer key is important for the candidates for estimate their answers before exam results will be announced. So the candidates who are appeared the Tamil Nadu State Eligibility Test exam may download TNSET Answer sheet 2018 from official website @ Mother Teresa Women’s University also release the TNSET results 2018 shortly at there official website

TNSET Answer Key 2018

About Organization:

Mother Teresa Women’s University is a public university of Tamil Nadu state located in Kodaikanal. It is one of the oldest universities in India established in the year 1984. It conducts various examinations for filling up the various vacancies available in the state. The university also provides consultancy services and also offers various distance education course. Recently it has released the notification for Tamil Nadu State Eligibility Test(TNSET) for assistant professor jobs in Tamil Nadu State.

Total Posts: Various

Name of The Post: Tamil Nadu State Eligibility Test

Exam Date: 04 Mar 2018

TNSET Selection Process/Procedure

Mother Teresa Women’s University selection to the candidates through the Written test conducted by Mother Teresa Women’s University selection committee. Those who qualify for this entrance test are eligible to apply for the assistant professor jobs notification released by the Tamil Nadu state government.

TNSET Merit List/Cut Off Marks

after successful completion of the TNSET  exam, Mother Teresa Women’s University will issue cut off the mark for the commenced exam within one or two days which helps the applicants to check their approximate cutoff mark for the answers they have written in the exam. The selection of the candidates will be based on cut off marks., if the candidates scores more than the cut off marks then they will be eligible for the next process and then they would be considered for the other selection process, and the candidates will then be able to get the post to which they had applied.

Steps/Process/How to Download TNSET Check Answer Key 2018

  • Applicants First log on to official website@
  • Search for TNSET  2018 Answer Key
  • Then Select your Set Number
  • Now you can see the TNSET Answer sheet 2018 in st wise on your home screen
  • Download and print  it and check your answers and estimate your results


Download/Check TNSET Answer Key2018 Here

Important Dates

TNSET Results Date: Update Soon

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    TNSET 2016 Lifescience questions
    The crossing over occurs in
    a) Prophase I b) Metaphae c) Prophase II d) Anaphase
    2. Which of the following require for PCR
    a) RNA polymerase b) DNA kinase c) Taq polymerase d) Telomerase
    3. RNA Polymerase I and II produces
    a) rRNA b) mRNA c) tRNA d) Both a & c
    4. The precursor for synthesis of cholesterol
    a) 3-hydroxy butyric acid b) Acetyl CoA c) Manolyl CoA d)
    5. The cohesive force present in the water due to
    a) Ionic bond b) Covalent bond c) Hydrogen bond d) electrostatic interaction
    6. In which pH DNA is maintain for long storage?
    a) 7 b) 6 c) 8 d) 4
    7. In phloem sugar molecule move in the form of
    a) Gulcose b) Sucrose c) Starch d) Galactose
    8. The primary structure of protein is
    a) Sequence of Amino acids b) Alpha helix c) Beta sheet
    9. The chromatin consists of
    a) only DNA b) DNA + Protein c) DNA + RNA + Protein d) only Protein
    10. Which of the following not found in eukaryotic chromosome
    a) Centromere b) Telomere c) Kinetochore d) Linear DNA
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  2. Sarath

    can u send me more questions in computer science paper 3 and paper2

  3. sundar

    Tamilnadu set 2016 paper 3 answerkey many flip flop circuits are needed to divide by 16?
    2.A decimal counter has———-states.
    3.In pl/sql which part contains the condition section?
    Ans:executable commands
    4.Fractals deal with curves that are
    Ans:regularly irregular
    5.Aspect ratio means
    Ans:horizontal to vertical proportion
    6.which of the following registers is loaded with the contents of the memory location pointed by the pc?
    Ans:Instruction register
    7.The output from YACC is
    Ans:LALR parser
    8.Number of binary trees formed with 5 nodes are
    9.IP version 6 has—addresses.
    10.The depth of a complete binary tree is given by
    Ans:Dn=log 2n+1.
    11.The error distribution in the case of coding is
    12.—–coupling is the worst type of coupling
    13.cyclomatic complexity method comes under in——testing method.
    Ans:white box.
    14.—-is one of the brute force search technique.
    Ans:Depth first search.
    15.The instruction,Mov Ax,[Bx]is an example of
    Ans:Indirect addressing mode.


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